• June 18, 2021

What do you need to know about a new type of eye surgery?

A new type for the treatment of patients with partial or complete vision loss, according to a medical journal.

The article, published on Friday in the prestigious journal Ophthalmology , outlines a novel approach to treating vision loss caused by the degenerative eye disease.

Dr. Robert L. Fazio, chief of ophthalmological surgery at Stanford University Medical School, said that the new approach is “much more sophisticated” than existing methods that treat vision loss in other types of eye disease, including macular degeneration, which affects about 1.5 million people in the US and about 300,000 in Canada.

“We’re looking to create an intervention that is much more sophisticated,” he said.

“That will be the breakthrough.”

The procedure would be the first to treat patients who have partial or incomplete vision loss by targeting different parts of the retina.

It would also be the most advanced of its kind, said Dr. Fajio, who was not involved in the study.

The approach would involve attaching a device to the cornea of the eye and using a special laser to selectively target different parts.

Dr. Fazzo said the technology could be used to treat people with severe vision loss and people who have some visual impairments.

“What we’ve done in the past is use a small laser that would only target one part of the corneal surface, and we have no way to do this in this new way,” he told Reuters Health.

“It would be a huge advance for the field.”

The technique is similar to what is used to create “glasses” that give vision to people who don’t have glasses.

The glasses are then fitted to the eyes and then removed, which requires surgery. 

The new technology could also be used for other types ophthalmic surgeries, including laser-assisted eye surgery and artificial retina surgery, said the journal.

Researchers at Stanford and Massachusetts General Hospital used different methods to design the new technique.

The researchers created artificial retina cells that had been surgically implanted in mice with normal vision.

In one experiment, the mice were fitted with the implants and then watched to see if they could control the size and shape of the laser beam.

In another experiment, they were given a “novel” artificial retina with the implanted cells and the same number of rods and cones.

In all experiments, the implanted retina cells did not respond to the laser.

In the new study, Dr. S.R. Sridhar, a Stanford University professor of ocular surgery and head of the Stanford Institute for Optometry and Visual Systems, implanted a fluorescent dye in the retina of the mice and monitored their movements as they moved their eyes around. 

“We wanted to see how the retina cells responded to the light,” he wrote in an accompanying commentary. 

Dr. Srimal said the results were clear, saying the fluorescent dye would “help the eye function better than what we could do with normal corneas.”

“The optical response was pretty good, with a very strong optical response,” he added. 

In an earlier study, the researchers used fluorescent dye to implant a dye into the cornarium of a rabbit’s eye and monitored its response to the dye. 

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine were also able to implant fluorescent dye into human corneos. 

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