• July 2, 2021

Children’s hospital staff say they are ‘sickened’ by ‘horrific’ images of sickening ‘disease’

The children’s medical unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Liverpool has been inundated with calls since images of a sickening infection in one of its staff have been posted online.

A picture of the boy being wheeled into a room with a red infection has been shared on social media with more than 100,000 views.

The images, which show the boy lying on a hospital bed with a white rash and red, are one of many from the hospital’s children’s ward.

The image was taken by staff at the children’s surgery unit in the childrens ward on Friday, and has been circulated widely on social networking sites.

It is the second time a patient has come into the hospital with a serious infection.

A nurse from the children unit was treated for the same condition on Friday and has since been discharged.

The boy is a 12-year-old boy who was admitted to the hospital on January 3.

The hospital said on Monday that it was “horrified” by the images, and urged people to share the images with their friends and family.

It said it was also trying to identify the patient’s family.

In a statement on Monday, the hospital said the patient was a 12 year-old who had been admitted to its children’s unit with a severe rash and fever.

The child was discharged on Monday.

The outbreak at the hospital began when the patient arrived on January 2, after spending the previous day at the Children’s Unit, where he had been staying.

He was initially seen by another doctor and was then taken to the children centre where he was diagnosed with a new infection.

The patient had been in hospital for more than six months and was given a two-week period of antibiotics, before he was moved to a new unit and taken into care.

The nurse said he had recently been transferred to another hospital in England, and had been diagnosed with an ear infection.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking that this is the case,” she said.

“We are horrified at what we see and the lack of information around the hospital about the conditions that children and young people can be exposed to in hospitals.”

We are also working to identify his family, and hope to get them to come forward.

“The hospital has said it is working with the local council to ensure the boy’s family can be informed.

A spokesperson said: “This is the first time a child has come in with an infection at Children’s, and we have contacted the family to ask them to contact us to see if they can help us to identify their child.”

She added: “We understand that there is an ongoing investigation into this case and our thoughts are with the family.”

The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it had contacted the child’s family and “will support them through this difficult time”.

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