• July 4, 2021

The best eyes in India? This eye surgery

It’s the third time this year that the team at the Eye Institute of Kerala have been invited to conduct this study, which is based on a large number of patients who are undergoing eye surgery.

“The number of eyes being treated at the institute is phenomenal,” said Anil Nandu, Director General, Kerala Eye Institute.

“We have received a large proportion of our patients from rural areas who were referred from various parts of the state.”

A study by the institute in April this year found that the eye surgeries performed in Kerala, which was a major center of the country’s eye surgeries, were among the best in the country.

“I am proud that the Kerala Eye Department has been selected as the best facility in the state for the treatment of eye surgery,” said Dr. Nandusuprinakaran, Director, Eye Institute, Kerala.

“Most patients are under the age of 40.

They are mostly under the category of the ‘sick person’.”

The patients come from rural villages and are mostly women and children,” said Nandue.

The Eye Institute will be conducting the second phase of the study this year.

The first phase of this study will focus on the surgical techniques and the surgical approach for the primary and secondary eyes. “

Our aim is to understand the impact of age, sex, geography and different factors on the outcomes in this patient group,” said R.V. Narayana, Director of the Eye and Ear Surgery Department at the Institute.

The first phase of this study will focus on the surgical techniques and the surgical approach for the primary and secondary eyes.

The second phase will be focused on the quality of the eye care provided.

“There is a need to be able to measure the quality and efficacy of the treatment in order to identify the best and safest option,” said Narayanna.

Eye doctors and other medical professionals who have received training from the Eye Department can help the researchers with their work.

Eye surgery patients are admitted to the Eye Hospital in Kerala at a rate of approximately 15 patients per day, according to Dr. Narayan, who said that it was necessary to keep an eye on the number of new patients arriving at the hospital every day.

The patients are kept at the centre, which has a bed, a toilet and a large screen.

The patient population is mainly under the ‘Sick Person’ category, Dr.

Narayan said.

Eye surgeries performed at the eye hospital are also a key component of the health services provided in the State.

The hospital, which started operations in 2003, has three operating theatres.

A team of specialists is also involved in the hospital and also provides health services to the patients, including the medical examination and the assessment of the eyes.

According to Dr Narayan there is no specific requirement for any surgery at the Centre for the Eye.

“Every patient comes to us for treatment of the acute or chronic conditions.

We are here for them,” said the Eye Dr.

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