• July 11, 2021

‘Not a joke’: ‘The biggest joke in medicine’

A joke on a special occasion, it was only a matter of time before the news of the UK’s most prestigious medical journal was put to rest.

In a series of tweets, The Lancet was forced to admit that the journal had made an error in a story about the coronavirus. 

In the article published on Monday, the journal said that, after the coronivirus pandemic had taken a toll on its health department, a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London had been referred to the UK General Medical Council for “inappropriate behaviour”.

The journal said in a statement on Monday that it was “deeply saddened” that the article had caused offence and that it “does not represent the views of the Lancet”.

“We apologise to the author of the article, which we regret has caused offence, and wish him and his family well in the future,” the statement read.

The article also claimed that the hospital referred the doctor to the GMC for inappropriate behaviour and said that the doctors actions were in violation of the journal’s code of conduct, according to The Lancet.

The journal has since published an apology, which read: “It is not a joke.

The article, published on March 22, 2016, contains incorrect information about the health of Dr Richard Dawkins and his colleagues.

We apologise for the error.”

The Guardian also published a story on the error and the GMCC’s code, and has since received the apology from the journal.

“The editor of The Lancet apologises unreservedly for the errors made, as well as for the distress caused to those affected by this particular error,” it read.

Dr Dawkins told the Guardian that he felt “like a pariah” because of the incident.

“I think it’s terrible.

It’s very distressing,” he said.

“I’ve just been waiting to see if this article would be a bit less dramatic than it is.

I don’t think it will be.”

Dr Dawkins also expressed concern about the fact that his comments were made on a British television show and that he did not have a chance to speak to the BBC, which is the same channel that broadcast the interview.

“They have the right to air it.

I think it is ridiculous that they have that right.

I hope they get the full story,” he told the BBC.

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