• July 18, 2021

How a ‘pulse’ can be the difference between vision loss and blindness

The acta optic tract, the innermost layer of the eye, is the first organ to suffer damage, often in response to infection.

As the damage builds up, damage to the acta is often irreversible, and often the optic nerves, or nerves, become unable to fire properly.

This means that as the damage grows, it can lead to blindness, or optic nerve disease.

The acta also plays an important role in maintaining the visual system, by regulating the amount of light reaching the retina and controlling the amount and direction of light rays entering the eye.

In addition, a damaged optic nerve can also lead to vision loss in people with macular degeneration, a progressive and irreversible vision loss of the retina.

This affects about 1% of the world’s population.

The optic nerve is a large nerve in the optic nerve pathway that connects the retina to the brain.

It sends signals from the optic disc (the outermost layer) to the optic lobes (the innermost layers of the brain), and also controls the flow of electrical signals through the optic duct.

In the early stages of vision loss, the optic system is not fully functional.

When the optic discs become damaged, the signals are blocked, causing the optic cones to become dark and hard to see.

This can lead the brain to misfire, causing vision loss.

A study published in Science last year looked at the impact of a disease that causes macular damage on the optic tract.

Researchers looked at a group of volunteers with early stage vision loss who were monitored for signs of disease, and compared them to the group who did not have the disease.

Researchers found that when the group with the disease had the optic injury, their visual acuity was lower than the control group, but they were also more likely to see in the dark and to misjudge light.

In other words, when the optic damage was present, it led to vision impairment and reduced vision.

This is why the optic is a key organ in the body’s defence against infection.

It has to be able to communicate with the immune system to function normally.

The researchers say that this is important, because it means that the optic can be damaged if the immune systems of the body is weakened or damaged.

This may explain why some people with the virus, who have not had the disease, have less damage to their optic nerves than those with the illness.

If a person has the optic disease and is not in good health, then it could be the first sign that they are at high risk of developing the optic loss syndrome.

The process of seeing in the DarkWhen people with optic nerve damage have a corneal injury, they lose the ability to see, and have to rely on sight to navigate.

This means they have difficulty following instructions or interacting with people, even if they know how to use the tools of their trade.

The cornea is a thin layer of tissue that covers the cornea, the outermost part of the human eye.

The cornea has a thick, flexible, elastic membrane that makes up the lens of the eyeball, which allows it to reflect light and focus light.

When light hits the corneas, the membrane contracts and the light can reach the retina, where it can be used to see objects.

People with a cornea injury have problems seeing in low light conditions.

If the corneum is damaged, they cannot see well.

This could mean they cannot read, write or play games.

The eye is a delicate organ, so it is important to keep the eye healthy, and to maintain a healthy amount of sight.

The more damage the optic does to the cornesal nerves, the more they are likely to be damaged, and the more the cornsal nerves become unable the corner the vision is lost.

The first signs of optic nerve injury can be seen when a person with a damaged cornea gets very cold.

They will often feel dizzy, or feel as if their vision is blurry.

This is the time when they may not be able see a picture, or a person, or even a tree branch.

People who have a damaged, broken, or damaged optic can also lose the sense of touch and sense of taste.

This may lead to them feeling nauseous, as well as feeling very tired and tired, and not able to sleep well.

The sense of smell is also affected, and can change as a result of damage to corneals.

In most cases, these people have no visual impairment and are able to see a normal person, even with the damage.

However, some people are at a high risk for vision loss if they have optic nerve injuries.

People at risk of cornealing damage include:Those with congenital corneocarcinoma (the narrowing of the coronal ridge of the lens), people with degenerative retinal disease (losing the nerve that controls the corona, which is the light that reaches the retina), people

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