• August 6, 2021

When I told my son he would be born blind, he said, ‘What are you talking about?’

Posted June 09, 2019 09:19:25 A Winnipeg man who says he was “brainwashed” by a urologist who told him he would lose his sight because of a condition that caused it is speaking out in a bid to get his rights restored.

The Globe and Mail is investigating the story, which has become an international story, with new details about what happened to J.J. and his family.

J.D. was born blind in 2012 with cystic fibrosis, a condition in which the lungs are damaged.

His parents say they received no medical treatment before he was born.

The condition affects about 1.3 million Canadians, according to the Canadian Medical Association.

It’s also been linked to birth defects, blindness, hearing loss, kidney failure, diabetes and other health problems.

J.’s mother, Trisha, said she went to a doctor about the condition two years ago, and was told that he needed to have a procedure to repair a blood clot in his brain.

But her doctor said he had a “significant” risk of death, so he was put on a waiting list to have the operation.

He was told the procedure was only available if the doctor prescribed a “low dose” of a drug that can treat the condition, Trish said.

J., now 21, is blind in one eye.

His mother, who was diagnosed with the condition in 2008, has been diagnosed with cystitis, a scarring of the blood vessels in the eye, and has a blood infection.

A CT scan of J. D. last month revealed cysts on his retina.

“He’s had no sight in the whole world since he was a baby, he’s had a lot of problems with hearing,” Trisha said.

Trish and J. Js parents are hoping the story will help to get J.M. back to work and get his vision restored. “

His dad told me that he has been brainwashed by a doctor and now he’s getting a shot in the arm to make sure he gets it right.”

Trish and J. Js parents are hoping the story will help to get J.M. back to work and get his vision restored.

“This has happened so many times,” Trish told the Canadian Press.

“And they don’t even try and fix the problem.”

He added that he is still not getting a chance to see a doctor for two years after he has lost his vision.

“They’re giving me a shot, and I have to go to a clinic and wait,” he said.

The doctors who treated J.R. said they could only prescribe a low dose of the drug, called riluzole, and it was only effective for about a year, the family said.

It takes about a month for the drug to kick in and prevent cysts, the doctors said.

But Trish says she is waiting on a doctor to prescribe the drug again.

“If they didn’t do this in two years, we’d have a son,” she said.

She and her husband are also concerned about the health effects of the treatment.

“The doctors told us that if he does the treatment again, he could have this side effect, he’ll develop cancer,” she told the CBC.

“It’s a gamble that he’s taking, and we’re not comfortable.”

The CBC News program, “The Story Behind J.B.”, has not been broadcast on Canadian television.

Trish, who has no insurance and cannot pay for the treatment, said her son will be “living in fear” of seeing doctors again.

JJ and Trish J. and Trisha J. were diagnosed with a cystic infection, which is caused by a virus, in 2012.

They said doctors told them it could only be treated with a low-dose of a powerful drug called rinazepam, a painkiller that has been shown to kill cancer cells.

But a Canadian medical association says the drug’s use has been linked with rare cases of cancer, including in J. R. Jj, Trisch said.

Trisha told the Globe and Guardian newspaper that she feels “betrayed” and “scared” by the doctors who did the surgery and that she has been told she will not be able to see her son for a year.

“What’s happening is that they don.t care about the boy, they just want to keep getting their pay cheques,” she wrote in an email.

The family says they’re hoping to receive compensation for the costs associated with J.K. being on the drug for a long time and having a dangerous side effect.

Tristish said the couple is not expecting to be compensated for the surgery, which would require a second treatment to get him to a specialist.

JD.’s family told CBC News that they are not happy with the outcome of the case and that they have not heard from anyone at the hospital or doctor who would be willing to speak to the CBC about

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