• August 9, 2021

Aussie surgeons’ eye care tips

It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but in Australia, surgeons are doing some of the best eye care on the planet.

Here are our top ten eye care advice tips from across the country.1.

Don’t go for the easy way – A good surgeon can make a difference to the quality of your vision with just a few simple decisions.

The surgeon who works in the eye care department of your local hospital may be able to provide you with a better outcome than a specialist.

You don’t have to rely on their expertise to get the best results.2.

If you need to know what’s happening in your eye, do your research – Ask questions like “What are the most common causes of vision loss?”

“How often do you need corrective lenses?”

“Can I see a specialist if I have an eye condition?”

If you’re concerned about the quality or effectiveness of your eye care, ask for the latest research.3.

Ask your doctor about the latest tests and treatments – Your eye care doctor may be the best source of knowledge you have on the latest treatment options.

But there’s no reason you should have to make an appointment with your eye doctor to learn more about a treatment you might need.4.

Don�t wait to be referred to a specialist – A specialist is the best way to know if a specialist is right for you.

A good eye care specialist will have been trained to treat you and will know what to look for.

They’ll also be able give you more accurate information about your condition and the best treatment options for you, including a list of drugs and devices that you can ask your eye health care professional for.5.

Don´t get an MRI – If you have a condition that makes it difficult for you to see, there may be other treatments that may be right for your eye.

A recent study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology showed that people with macular degeneration have a higher chance of having vision loss and having to be fitted with a corrective lens.6.

Talk to a doctor about your vision – Whether you need a prescription or have your eye checked regularly, it’s important to talk to your eye specialist about your eye condition, vision and the treatment options that are right for both of you.7.

Ask about the availability of eyeglasses and contacts for your vision type – Ask your eye medical specialist about glasses and contact lenses for your prescription and to make sure that you don’t get a false negative.

Ask them about other options, such as contact lenses that you might be able get from a specialist in your area.8.

Take the time to check with your doctor before starting any treatment plan – Make sure that your eye is checked regularly and that you know how long your eye will be able a go without a corrective eye exam.

The sooner you start treatment, the better.9.

Know the risks and benefits of certain medications – Some drugs are considered safe for people with eye problems, but some may be harmful if used on a large scale.

Ask for a prescription if you notice any side effects and don’t use any of these drugs if you’re not sure you want to.10.

Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into – It’s a good idea to talk with your optometrist before starting treatment if you are unsure about any prescription eye care plan.

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