• August 12, 2021

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s new ‘Ride-On’ Eye Clinic is the first to offer a ‘ride-on’ service to patients who are unable to get a surgery due to financial or other reasons

In a move that could bring benefits to both the hospital and its patients, the University of Chicago Medical Center has opened a new “ride-ons” service for its patients in the form of an optometrist and a surgical assistant, who will offer a variety of services to the public during the open enrollment period.

The optometrists and surgical assistants are expected to work alongside the optometrics team to provide vision care to the roughly 6,000 residents and a few hundred staff members who will be eligible to participate in the optometry program.

The Optometrists will also provide vision services to patients with other eye conditions, including people with vision loss, according to a news release.

“With the introduction of the Ride-On service, the Hospital will be able to offer more optometry services to our patients, and they will also be able see a physician who specializes in optometry, and the surgeon, and get a referral to a specialist,” said Dr. Mark McKeown, director of the Ophthalmology Department at the University’s Ophthalmic Center.

“We believe this is the next step in our strategy to address the shortage of optometry-related services at the Hospital and to address some of the challenges we have had to address with the Optometrist Program.”

In the first year, the optometric team will be offering two different types of services: The first is a service that allows patients to opt out of the optiology team.

“This will help ensure that we are able to focus our resources on other health care needs,” McKeon said.

“In this first year we have focused on other primary care areas like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and asthma.

We will continue to work on other areas of care, but we will focus on this first one.

We believe this will be an important part of our plan to address other issues with the optographic team.”

The second option is to be able “to opt in” to the optometer team, which is more of a one-on-one service.

This means patients who have opted out of a previous optometrization service can be asked to participate.

McKeoed said this service is not an option for everyone.

“The optometria team is not a place where you can opt out,” he said.

The new optometrialist and surgical assistant will also assist with the patient education portion of the program.

“It will be a great resource for patients who do not want to be a patient,” Mckeon said, “and we have a patient education team that will provide the training for the optomistic, which will help them understand the care that they are getting, how to make better choices and how to navigate the optosmistic process.”

For more information on the optomedicine program, visit the optiatrics website.

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