• August 13, 2021

Why the NIH may be better suited for the blind

The National Institutes of Health is struggling to recruit and retain top researchers for the program’s most important biomedical research, according to the nation’s largest university.

The NIH has faced an unprecedented wave of hiring pressure as it tries to address the nation`s health care crisis and to find the money to continue to fund research on diseases like stroke, cancer and heart disease.

The cuts that took effect Tuesday would leave about 2,300 NIH positions unfilled, according the American Association of University Professors, which represents the university`s more than 2,000 medical school, medical school and nursing school faculty members.

The loss of the NIH will mean that scientists with the highest priority in biomedical research are often not being hired, said Andrew Bierman, the group’s director of public affairs.

The cuts to the NIH come amid a massive shift in priorities by the Obama administration as it prepares to begin new federal budget cuts in the coming years.

While the president and his administration have praised the NIH as an important component of health care systems, the cuts will leave its scientists unable to make key scientific discoveries that could improve the nation.

The Obama administration has also said it will make major cuts to biomedical research funding, particularly as it seeks to address its nation`lls health problems.

While scientists across the country will be able to see fewer of the latest research and clinical trials in the new biomedical system, many of them are not likely to see those results for years, said David Kowalczyk, the president of the American Institutes for Research.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a report saying the NIH has lost ground on other health care programs, including pediatric cancer care.

Its findings echo concerns from other academic researchers.

A study by the Pew Charitable Trusts last year found that the NIH is now facing a budget deficit of $1.5 billion, nearly double the $6.3 billion deficit that the agency projected in the past year.

Kowalchzyk said the loss of NIH research positions will hit the nation more deeply than the recent cuts to other federal agencies.

It will hit doctors more directly, and it will hurt the country in other ways, he said.

“What we are seeing in the U.S. is that the cuts have already hit the NIH,” he said, referring to the agency`s $30 billion budget for fiscal year 2018.

The loss of 1,500 jobs is a “catastrophic” blow for the NIH, said Dr. Paul Haskins, president of New York University’s Langone Medical Center.

Haskin is also the chairman of the board of trustees of the National Institutes for Health, the federal agency that funds NIH.

“We have to stop thinking of NIH as a medical research agency,” Haskinns said.

“We have got to think of it as a public health agency.”

The NIH was established in 1949 to fund basic research into infectious diseases, the study of which had been the majorstay of U..

S.-funded research.

But that mission has changed under the Obama administrations.

In the last decade, the government has taken steps to boost the use of stem cell technology and other stem cell therapies, and to improve the immune system by making the vaccines and drugs that fight the viruses and bacteria that cause pneumonia, coronavirus and other illnesses.

Haskins said the NIH needs to focus on its core mission.

“The NIH is one of the most important organizations in our nation` s health care system,” Haddins said.

He added that the current funding model for NIH grants and fellowships is not working, and that the budget needs to be increased by $200 million annually to meet its goal of increasing biomedical research by $6 billion annually.

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