• August 23, 2021

Which eyesight is the most precious?

A survey conducted by the Royal College of Ophthalmology (RCO) found that children’s eyesight, especially in terms of vision in dark and cloudy conditions, is among the most valuable, with more than 60 per cent of the population in the world having good vision.

The survey also revealed that children in low income households have the lowest average income, and children in rural areas are less likely to have good vision than their urban counterparts.

In its 2017 ‘Life Vision Survey’ published on Wednesday, the RCO said that the average income of children in the United Kingdom is £21,000 a year.

This is significantly lower than the average for the world as a whole, which is $65,000 per person.

The RCO report states that there are more than 2.3 billion people worldwide who have no vision and around half of these are children.

While this may sound like a lot of people, the figures also suggest that children living in poverty have significantly worse vision than those who do not.

For example, in the UK, one in five children is unable to see their parents, compared to around one in six in the OECD countries.

The figures also indicate that the UK is one of the countries where vision impairment is the highest in terms to befall children.

According to the RCI, children in poor families are often left with little or no vision at all.

The report states, “Children from poorer families tend to live in homes that lack basic amenities such as lighting, running water and sanitation, and lack basic indoor and outdoor lighting.

Children from more affluent families may live in larger homes with more running water, electricity and other facilities, as well as indoor lighting and running water.”

In its report, the Royal Society of Osteopathic Medicine (RSOM) said that children are at a disadvantage in terms for health as well, with some of the health outcomes they experience being worse than those of other age groups.

The RSOM report stated that children who live in families where parents are employed do not have the same health status as their peers, and this is a contributing factor to the chronic diseases that occur in families.

For those who are already at a high risk of having some type of vision impairment, the most effective treatment option is to opt out of the eyesight tests and use a device called Optometry, which involves measuring the shape of the pupil, which can be corrected.

In the RCS study, the average age at which children opt out for eyesight testing is 14.

The RCO says that there is a need for more education in the field of vision and the study highlights the importance of education in schools, with a focus on visual literacy.

According to the report, it is recommended that children should attend a school for the prevention of blindness or vision impairment as well.

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