• August 25, 2021

Why are some people blind and others see?

The word “blind” is an old one.

It comes from the Latin word “bilius,” meaning “to see,” and came to mean the inability to see something clearly or to understand what you’re seeing.

Today, the word “sighted” refers to people who can see in two dimensions.

But it’s been around for much longer than that, and it has also had a long and illustrious history in medicine.

As the medical profession developed, its use expanded.

But now, according to a new study, the term “sightedness” is no longer a meaningful word to use for a large number of people.

The term is now used to describe the visual perception of sight loss.

“We found that a number of doctors and scientists have been using the term ‘sightedness’ to describe people with visual impairment,” said Dr. Jennifer M. Dorn, lead author of the study and an ophthalmologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

“But we found that most people are unaware of the difference between this condition and vision loss.”

In the new study of 1,000 people, Dorn and her colleagues asked people who said they had vision loss to describe what they were seeing in their visual field.

Most people would say that they could only see part of the image that they were focusing on, and that there was nothing else in the image.

The people who were blind or had other visual impairments were also asked to describe exactly what they saw.

In the majority of cases, people with vision loss said that they saw nothing in the picture that they focused on, said Dorn.

“What we found was that most blind people were unaware that the visual field they were using was missing.

The vast majority of people with normal vision had no idea that their visual fields were missing.”

In some cases, the visual fields of the blind or people with other visual disabilities were missing entirely.

In other cases, when the blind asked people what they thought they saw, some people said that their vision was so impaired that they couldn’t even recognize objects that were in the scene.

For some people, this inability to identify what they’re looking at was so severe that they had to be treated with a mask.

For many people, the lack of a clear vision loss is just part of their experience of being blind.

Many people with blindness don’t think of their vision loss as being a physical impairment, and many don’t feel that they need any sort of medical help to deal with it.

And many people with their vision also do not think that they are in any danger from losing it.

What’s going on here?

It could be because people who are blind are unaware that they have vision loss, Doronk said.

That could be a result of a lack of awareness, or perhaps of people who do not know that their blindness has an impact on their life.

“There is an underlying sense that their impairment is not a major problem, that it is simply a part of being a human being,” she said.

But people with a physical vision loss may be more likely to think of it as a disability, she added.

“It is something that they’re doing because they’re not going to be able to see,” Dorn said.

That perception could be causing people to feel less able to interact with people with disabilities.

“People who are seeing visually and don’t know that they can see are just not perceiving the world in a way that people with sight can, so they may feel more inhibited and less engaged in their life,” Dorns said.

It may be because a blind person doesn’t feel as though they’re being taken seriously as a person, said Dr, Christopher S. Tully, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at Columbia University.

“They may feel like they’re invisible,” he said.

“The perception of being invisible and unappreciated by the world is just as prevalent as being visible and appreciated.

And that perception of invisibility may have a chilling effect on people with social or emotional difficulties.”

If you or someone you know needs help with vision or vision loss:Doronks team hopes the findings will help guide future research.

“A big challenge in this field is understanding how to accurately measure vision loss,” Dorb said.

“A lot of research has been done on how to identify people who have vision impairments, but we still don’t understand how people can accurately measure and assess vision loss and have it be treated,” she added, adding that this is one area where a new approach is needed.

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