• September 26, 2021

NHS eye surgery surgeon who killed two colleagues to save others says he ‘didn’t have time’ to save

The surgeon who fatally shot two colleagues was trying to save lives when he took his own life, a coroner has heard.

Owen Treglia, 55, killed his wife, wife’s mother and two sisters before taking his own own life in the hospital in September 2016.

The inquest into Mr Treglias death was told that he “did not have time” to save the lives of anyone in his care.

Mr Treslia had previously told the inquest that he was “happy” with the way he treated patients.

The coronial inquest into the death of Mr Trestles, 56, heard how Mr Trewla was a skilled eye surgeon, and had trained as a specialist in ophthalmic surgery at St Vincent’s hospital in Newham.

The coroner also heard Mr Tretlias was a good and compassionate person who “grew” over the years and had recently moved to a new house.

Mr and Mrs Tretlia were in a relationship and had children, aged two and three, who were not named.

Mr Filippo Calore, Mr Treleglias brother, told the coroner he had no recollection of seeing Mr Trentla or being aware of any problems between them.

He said Mr Trezlle had been “a very loving husband” and had been an “extraordinary father”.

Mr Calore told the hearing he had been a “good husband” but he had lost count of how many times he had had to leave work and return home for work because of the “extensive” work-related issues Mr Trenlla was having.

He also said that his brother had been involved in “serious” personal disputes with Mr Trelle, who had previously called him a “cunt”.

Mr Tretsla’s wife was a “very caring and caring mother”, Mr Calores brother said, adding that she was “a lovely woman” who was “very, very proud of her children”.

Mr CALORE, who has now remarried and has two children with his wife and two children in his own family, said Mr Calo had always loved and respected his brother and his “incredible work”.

He said his brother was “always so very happy” and was “exceptionally happy” at his new home.

He described Mr Tereglia as “very good-natured” and “very polite”.

Mr CORE said Mr CALO was “devastated” to learn of Mr Calaes death and had asked him to “do what he could to support” the family and friends of the deceased.

‘Very, very sad’ Mr CALAIS told the Coroner that his family and the friends of Mr CALLAES family had been left “very very sad”.

“I know that there is a lot of sorrow for him and I would like to make it clear that that sorrow will not stop,” he said.

Mr CALI was the only person who was at the house on the night of the shooting, the inquest heard.

Mr Calandro said he had heard from several friends and colleagues who had lost family members in the shooting and who were concerned about their friends and relatives.

Mr Candro said that while he had never met Mr Trellas, he had spoken to several friends who had “lost family members”.

Mr D’Agostino, a nurse who was a patient at the hospital, told jurors he had seen Mr CALOLI and Mr CALORI talking on the phone at 3.30pm on the evening of the killing.

Mr DAGOSTINO, who was also in the emergency room, said he told his colleagues the next day that Mr CALC and Mr TRELEGLI had “been talking”.

Mr Davore said he was in the intensive care unit for six days after the shooting.

Mr Davores wife said Mr DAgostini told her that he had just heard from Mr CALRÈESS brother and that he believed he was talking to the gunman.

“He told me that he thought he had shot him,” Ms Davore told jurors.

She said she was unable to explain why he had not told his friends about the shooting until the next morning.

Mr Calderon told jurors that he spoke to the deceased’s sister, who said Mr BERMAN was not there at the time.

He told the court he believed Mr CALLEGLE had been shot after he came out of the shower at the home.

Mr BERGMAN, who told the jury he had come to the home to visit a friend who had been arrested, was described as a “loyal and kind” man who was well known in his family.

He had worked as a taxi driver for 20 years and was married and had two young children.

Mr BALDERON told the coronial jury that he saw Mr CALMAN and Mr B

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